Getting the right starter for the SF260

I broke three starters on my sf260 before I found out what the problem was. The solution is at the end of the article.

10-17-98 I plan to use the original heavy starter on my SF260. It is certified for the plane and it provides the extra weight I need if I am to put someone in the back seat. The other starters are great, but this heavy duty starter may work too.! I sent it off and had it rebuilt for $375.00 by David Allen. Also, with this starter I can put the landing light back inside the cowling.

The Sky Tech starter can be used on the SF260. Model # 24PM149. Although the landing light must be moved because of the solonoid, it is a small price to pay for such a fantastic starter. However, it is a small motor and has a plastic gear to make it quiter. Do not use for over 10 seconds at a time and wait 10 seconds between trys to start. After 6 cycles you must wait 30 minutes for the starter to cool off. I burned one out after a year and the factory is inspecting it now to see if it came under warrenty. Cost $455.00.

There are two other starters that will work. The first is PM2401 and costs $$550. It is now standard issue on all new Lycoming engines. It lasted two months on my plane before it broke and had to be replaced. It was under warrenty and I am waiting on a replacement.

The second is MHB 6222 and costs $414. Ronald Keilin is using this starter and it works well for him. I have ordered one for evaluation.

Both starters will allow the use of the landing light inside the nose bowl. The skyTech starter works great and may be faster than the above two, but the landing light will have to be placed outside the nose bowl.

You can get the starters from Superior air parts, Inc. Sales center 800-487-4884. Ask for Chris Baker for expert help and tell him that you have an sf260. He knows Chuck Lisher and his SF260.

Here is a note I got on the mag situation:
You are on the right track. When the key is in the start position, the only points active are one set at retarded timing in one mag that is part of the shower of sparks system. When the key moves to both, that set is out of the circuit and the normal advanced point set in each mag is activated. Why not just fix the shower of sparks? They seem quite reliable and generally provide a good spark for starting. However, if your heart is set on getting rid of the shower of sparks, make sure the ignition switch gets wired correctly - it is different with the impulse mags. You must make sure that the only active mag in the start position is now the one mag with the impulse coupling. I've seen a few cases in which the wiring was wrong and people had all kinds of trouble either with no hot mag during cranking (kind of like your situation) or the wrong mag hot - this is even worse - the advanced timing on the non-impulse mag can still fire at cranking speed and it will pop the starter housing right in two. Short of that, the engine will incessantly kick back with every start.John Return to the HOME page.