The SF260 Smoke System by Bill Vitale, Eastern Regional Representative, Marchetti SF .260 Owner's Association. (410) 628-7922

Some Marchetti's have a Holmsley System with 2 Brevel pumps. Well, my pumps started to leak. Oil was accumulating in the fuselage. Unfortunately, Holmsley is no longer in business and neither is Brevel.

We tried any number of "O" rings without success. You can buy a Weldon AC Fuel Pump for about $900.00. You can, also, try a Holley High Performance Street Pump. They are inexpensive, but notorious for clogging up.

My good friend, Gene McNeeley, told me about how pleased the Red Baron Pizza Team has been with an off-the-shelf pump they use on their Stearmans. Gene showed me the installation in his T-6. It is called the FLOWJET Model 2100 (14 or 28 volts). It is a 60 psi demand pump designed primarily for water pressure in Motor homes. I put one in my airplane with a Purolator #805 In-Line-Filter and a thimblescrew regulator and it works great! (Don't forget, your smoke system also needs to have an anti-siphon device). Drop me a line if you would like a copy of the 337 form. By the way, Corvus Oil from Texaco is now known as Canopus 13. Be advised that it is not free of particulate matter, so I strrongly advise that you pass it through a fine-mesh paint screen. Also, Diesel fuel is used in England. We think that corn oil will work but have not tried it.