Please note the information on this site can be in total error. The information comes from a lot of sources and was arrived at by total luck in some instances. For instance, after changing from a 60-LB battery to a 25LB battery an A&P must calculate a new weight and balance and have a 337 approved for the aircraft. Even if you have an experimental aircraft this must be done. The pressures suggested for the landing gear struts are from Frank Strickler. The Maintenance Manual clearly states that you first establish the correct level of hydraulic fluid and then inflate the struts with 682 lb/in2 nitrogen. This is done with the plane on jacks. Frank used 875 lbs. but this was with the plane sitting on the gear, not on the jacks. There is much more distracting advice on the page and short of shutting down the web site I do not know how to eliminate it.
For the experimental exhibition SF260's
  1. N74FD air filter accident.

  2. A better battery for the SF260.

  3. My first hand experience installing a rebuilt engine in an SF260.

  4. If your oil pressure needle vibrates this might help fix it.

  5. How to insure that your canopy will not blow off by accident.

  6. Cleaning the gunk off the bottom of the aircraft.

  7. I could not push my SF260 up a 2% grade. How I fixed it.
  8. The front seat cushions in an SF260.

  9. The LASER ignition system is approved for the SF260.

  10. Engine operation from the pilot's operating handbook.

  11. Pictures of the fuel selector valve.

  12. Draining water out of the static system.

  13. Try not to land with the gear up.

  14. The propellar AD

  15. The nose bowl modification.

  16. The annual inspection short form.

  17. Are your flaps moving easily? If they are binding at all they could ruin the flap motor.

  18. SF260 Landing gear and strut: The problems with solutions and pictures.
  19. The Christian Inverted oil system
  20. Position light booby trap
  21. SF260 fuel system.
  22. Starters that work better for the SF260
  23. Smoke systems for the SF260
  24. The Irish view of the SF260 as a trainer.
  25. Gear warning device for the SF260.
  26. Here is a drawing of the SF260 with some of the skin removed.
  27. Changing the prop control cable and the governor spring AD.
  28. An encoder fiasco.
  29. See the repair of a tail cone.
  30. A trip to the Airmachee factory.
  31. The Critical wing on the SF260
  32. The Marchetti from Russia at Sun and Fun.
  33. Weight and Balance graph
  34. The master brake cylinders.
  35. Landing Gear Strut
  36. Background information on the SF260 including the designer and factory.