Please send me the names of the Kayakers.

Map for the Longboat Key Challenge race.. May 15, 2011. Starts at 9:30am. be there at 8:30am.

Sarasota bay polluting sites.

From Sarasota Bay Watch:

Sarasota Bay Watch, in cooperation with the Town Longboat Key and the Chiles Group, is seeking volunteers for the 3rd Annual Sister Keys Clean-Up to be held on Saturday, May 7, 2011 from 8:00am until 12:30pm. The "Clean-Up Crew" will gather next to the Town of Longboat Key boat ramp at the corner of Linley Street and Lois Avenue at the Mar Vista to be transported by boat to Sister Keys beginning at 8:30am. After the cleanup, participants (only) will be treated to lunch (from 11:30-12:30) courtesy of the Mar Vista Dockside Restaurant. Please dress casually (long sleeve shirts, pants, eye protection and gloves) and wear appropriate shows to protect your feet. Don't forget sunblock as we expect the sun will shine on this important event.

For information, directions and to sign up call Sarasota Bay Watch at (941) 953-5333.

Longboat Key town dock.

Listening Session to Collect Public Input About Gulf Coast Restoration Priorities

Monday, April 18 - 5 to 7pm
The SBEP will host a Listening Session for the general public and non-government agencies in support of a report being developed by the Gulf Coast Restoration Task Force. The event will take place at Selby Auditorium located at the USF Sarasota-Manatee campus. The address is 8350 North Tamiami Trail in Sarasota. Additional Listening Sessions are planned on April 19 in Fort Myers (local government and scientists) and Pinellas Park (private industry). Click here to learn more about the Gulf Coast Restoration Task Force and to see a list of member organizations.

This meeting was last night and since it was only one mile south of my house I went. Had I known that it was a forum to let locals voice their concerns and knowledge or the area I would have been better prepared to present my urgent concerns. The speakers came from Washington DC and St. Petersburg, but all of the audience was encouraged to enter their ideas. This was probably one f the most important events in this area this year and yet only 12 locals attended. Refreshments were supplied by the Sarasota Bay Estuary organization from Sarasota.

Florida one year after the oil spill 8 APR 11

Commission report on the gulf oil spill. AKA BP disaster.

Sarasota bay polluting sites.

at the end of the day I fold back the amas and then slide the AI up on to this dock. Although it might be easier to slide it up onto a jet ski dock having the box like platform gives me space to work on the boat when it is out of the water.

The Trailer Estates group has a summer contact:
Joyce Welch ` ` `941 730-7067
Please call her for information

December 31, 2010. The TE kayak group went to Warner Bayou today. Seven members were present and one guest, Becky from Whitfield Estates. She had to stop after the East and Central Bayous excursions because her ride wimped out. He claimed that he was just too tired to go any further. What a wimp. It was the most beautiful day we have seen since November. Temp was 78 degrees with a faint breeze out of the south. Pictures are being posted as I get them.



    Yahoo Map

    Bing Weather map

    Surfing in the AI

    My trip on April 27 2010 from TE to Jewfish Key.

    Sarasota Bay circumnavigation map.

    Pictures from the April 2, 2010 trip to a secret location.

    Local Bradenton RADAR

    Members so far. Send me a picture to get added to this page.

    Thoughts on the ramp.


    1. March 20, 2010 Meet at 9am for a trip:
      Looks like its going to be a beautiful day on Fri. Anyone interested in kayaking down at Turtle beach. They have a great place to launch and its suppose to be a nice place to kayak. Its in Little Sarasota Bay. Meet at the beach at 9 and leave from there and eat lunch at Turtle beach. Email if you want to go.

      Information on the nearby Jim Neville Wildlife Preserve.

    2. Myakka River park. 1 hour away on clark road 9 miles east of I75

    3. The March 10th trip left from TE and proceeded along the coast to New College inlet at the Crosley Estate. On the way home we saw 6 to 8 dolphins in a herd pushing the water in front of them like a tidal wave. Deborah spotted them 900 feet away and they continued in a straight line which I (Dudley) tried to intercept. Perhaps they were chasing a school of fish. I have never seen or heard of anything like this before. Then there were two dolphin to my left and they almost ran into Debbie's canoe. She said that when the lead dolphin looked up and saw her there was a flash of absolute shock on its face.

      I have talked to Karen Francour and learned that this herd movement of Dolphins is their fishing technique. They will frequently drive a school of fish up onto the beach and then feed upon them. That may explain why the two Dolphins that were seaward of the main pack were there. They may well have been feeding upon any stray fish that had managed to escape from the main onslaught.

      For feeding habits of Dolphin in the Sarasota area see this report.

    4. 5 MAR 2010 trip to Linger Lodge

    5. 17 Feb 2010
      You can list on the web site for this Fri to Lido trip and see what happen. We can meet at the beach here at 9 and hoping it will be low wind. However, it'll be in low 60 degree for the day. Oay

    6. The Feb 17 trip was a great success. Here are some of the pictures. More will be posted later.


  1. Dymphna Browne ` ` ` ` ` home phone 941 739 0653` ` ` cellhone 941 321 9718` ` `
  2. Ron Callahan ` ` ` ` 941 755 4264
  3. Jane Carr, ` ` `207-688-4257 Nov-May
  4. Deb Fitzgibbon, ` `cell(607) 621-7657. Land:753-2555
  5. Dudley Fort ` ` `` ` ` interim keeper of the web site.
  6. Kay L Hislop ` ` `
  7. Deb Gladstone Hutchinson ` ` ` ` ` 616-540-6429` ` has an extra kayak.
  8. Nancy Keegan` ` > 941-807-4595
  9. Claude and Mary Massengill,` `, Cell:517-315-9425
  10. Mike Neal ````
  11. Sandi Simonich, 309-945-6128, ` `I have a spare kayak for someone to borrow
  12. Bill Snyder, 1810 Michigan Ave ` ` `H 941 739 3840 cell is 315 591 1857
  13. Oay Soloman ` ` ` ` ~ `` Our group leader
  14. Joyce Welch ` ` `941 730-7067

    Club info:

  15. Kayak and Canoe Club:

    On the 1st Friday of each month, we'll have a brief meeting at the beach pavilion prior to an outing at 9 AM. The Kayak and canoe Club usually meet on Friday at 9 AM at the beach off park lane.( if weather permits) Please be prompt as we'll leave at 9. We'll not meet if there is cold, rain or strong winds. There are routes to paddle out from there, either east up Bowlers Creek or west around the island off the channel we share with Bay Shore Gardens.

    Other trip involves using a trailer and rack to take kayak or canoe to local launching sites.

    Contact: Chet Beiley 755-4432, for transport for kayaks and canoes. See e mail list. Leaders always needed to plan these events. Your suggestions are welcome.

    Be sure to bring your life jacket. A whistle, and a long towline along. Some members do bring drinks, snacks and their lunches on the trip. no ALCOHOL

    The rack for storage of vessels can be rented for $30 per year. Contact rack master, Oay at 756-9825 for the form to fill and pay at office.


    Feb 7, 2010 : 15:45 A TE group of one kayak left the beach at the end of Whitfield Ave and proceeded at 2.5 knots to TE, explored the east most canal and observed a classic wooden sailing skiff secured to the bank by the drain pipe and returned to the beach at Whitfield Ave. Duration of the trip was 103 minutes. The wind was out of the north at 12 knots. Air temp was 57 degrees F and water temp was 64 degrees F. Seas were almost calm. The current was toward the south at 1.3 knots.



    Pictures of interest to TE kaykers. group 1


    1. All of the State Parks in Florida.

    2. The TE local map

    3. A local map
    4. Sweet Water Kayak coaches
    5. Boat Ramps in SARASOTA
    6. Active Captain map
    7. Oscar Scherer State park with a Kayak tour every wednesday. 22 miles south at 1843 S. Tamiami Trail Osprey
    9. kayak trails
    10. water atlas
    11. aerials
    12. sarasota bay
    13. water atlas
    Shirlee Angerlame
    Chet Bailey
    Dymphna Browne Ron Callahan Tel: 941 755-4264
    Jane Carr
    Deb Fitzgibbon
    Kay Hislop, (Senior advisor)
    Debbi Hutchenson
    Nancy Keegan
    Mary and Claude Massengill
    Bill Snyder

    The group meets every Friday morning at 9am at the beach.

Thieves strike again at the Kayak racks. On Friday morning someone cut the chain and stole Bill Snyder's two person Kayak. This is the third time this year someone has stolen kayaks from our racks.
Bill Snyder's kayak on the linger lodge trip.