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...and here is I-ISAB in a couple of pictures.
The first is an air-to-air picture taken from a soggy cessna (please note the flaps set at 10... and the C172R was at cruise speed); the second shows my fiancè and myself after a short trip to Biella airport.

Alfa Bravo is part of a batch of SF 260 D bought by Aero Club d'Italia (I-ISAA....I-ISAH) and leased to the major local Aero Clubs (Aero Club of Milan had one). After the end of the lease period, almost all the aeroclubs sold their marvels out because of the costs involved in maintaining them (and the punishments the 260 were taking by non-current pilots). So some groups (I'm part of a 4-partners group) or single buyers had the opportunity to own this fantastic airplane. And those who don't... well they just envy us!

Many compliments for the site.
Two-Sixty Above All...

Carlo Cattoni

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Date: Fri, 12 Nov 1999 19:23:48 +0100 
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Hi Dudley!
I am the lucky co-owner of I-ISAB, the Italian SF260 which my friend Carlo Cattoni sent you two pictures. Let me tell you that when, after just typing SF260 in a search engine on the Internet, I discovered your web page, oh!!! I suddenly felt adrenaline in my blood. I got wings on my feet.
In spite of the fact that I am really greedy (with the SF260 I can reach many different restaurants serving various Italian regional cuisines in a matter of minutes) I began to soar as if my weight had gone.
Now, somebody has to remind me that I am only a "small" pilot; you probably know the feeling given by owning such a plane: one feels like superman!
Carlo has already told you everything about buying this plane. I have taken the liberty of sending you another picture of I-ISAB at the Biella Airport, some 30 minutes flight from Milano. The good looking individual on the wing is me since I am a single and have no beatiful fiancee to show you as Carlo has.

Again congratulations and thanks for your site!

Elio Balestrini