SF260 Inspection Form

Date_______  N 406FD   S/N: 771
Tach reading_______
ELT Battery date_____  TTEngine_____  TTAF ________IFR Cert. Date________

Compression (1)_____ (2)_____(3)_____(4)______(5)_______(6)__________
1. Change oil and filter (note in log book).
2. Check magneto AD...
3. Check magneto points
4. Check magneto timing
5. Clean/gap/paint & test spark plugs...
6. Check carburetor and air box
7. Clean or replace the air filter.
8. Clean fuel screens
9. Replace instrument air filters as necessary...
10. Check throttle quadrant for ease of operation..
11. Clean smoke nozzles
12. Lube engine controls
13. Check condition of prop blades
14. Check for AD note compliance
15. Check stick travel for internal stops
16. Check trim travel stops
17. Check seat adjustments.
18. Check seat and shoulder harness for operation&contition
19. Check interior lights
20. Service battery
21. Check wheel cylinders for leaks
22. Check brake disc and linings.
23. Check condition of landing gear struts..
24. Check brake fluid level
25. Check parking brake
26. Check master cylinders left and right..
27. Clean & repack wheel bearings..
28. Lube gear system...
29. Check nose gear steering adjustment..
30. Check gear motor dynamics
31. Check gear door tension down..
32. Check nose down locking pressure
33. Check main gear down locking pressure
34. Run Gear retract test..
35. Check up-gear box rigging
36. Check nose up-lock tension...
37. Check main up-lock tension..
38. Check gear warning system, throttle and flaps.
39. Check door tensions up..
40. Check gear indicators for proper functions
41. Check main gear squat switch for proper operation.
42. Check emergency gear extension system
43. Check fuel boost pumps..
44. Clean fuel screen.
45. Check fuel vent systems
46. Check fuel caps for tight fit.  Tip tanks are vented.
47. Check fuel gauge calibration
48. Check flap travel and indication
49. Lube flap rollers
50. Lube trim quadrants..
51. Check ailerons rigging and travel
52. Check elevator rigging and travel
53. Check rudder rigging and travel
54. Check trim rigging and travel
55. Check the spar attach bolts
56. Lube all flight control bearings
57. Clean engine compartment
58. Wash aircraft
59. Clean canopy glass
60. Check placards
61. Pitot static (every two years)
62. Altimeter test every 2 years
63. Transponder test every two years.

  1. A long annual form
  2. Another long annual form

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