I found the AD in HTML format. that means you do not need Adobe Acrobat to read it. Here it is:
http://av-info.faa.gov/ad/PublishedADs/012308.html " " This is an FAA web site and you you may want to book mark it.

Read further to see what I have done about the AD

I spoke to Mike Parker at:
Atlanta Propeller Svc Inc
ATLANTA, GA, 30349-6007
Phone: 404-761-7220
He is very familiar with the Hartzell AD2001=23-08. He will change out the hub and do a blade overhaul for $2400. If you have an "A" hub the hub exchange is free which means you save $1,400 off the above price. However, he cautioned that the price of the hub was going up at the first of the year.
He further said that they were not doing the eddy current test on the hub because of liability problems. Any prop that comes out of his shop will have to have the "B" hub.

I drove my prop to Atlanta Propeller Service on Clark Howell highway. It is quite a chore to find the place as it is on the second street to the right after getting off I-285. The address is for a complx of stores and the ones facing the highway are closed. However, the street numbers are clearly visible. I paid $2,450 to have my prop overhauled and the new "B" hub installed. Now I am no longer subjected to the prop hub eddy current check requirement. However, there was nothing wrong with my old hub and I could have gotten by with the $65.00 eddy current check every 150 hours. However, this overhauled prop is beautiful. In fact, it is so beautiful that I hate to put it on the plane.

Another opinion I got earlier from Ft. Lauderdale follows:
Subject: A.D. 2001-23-08
From: rtuttle@banyanair.com
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2001 12:26:29 -0500

I have derived a quotation for the Hartzell Propeller installed on Siai Marchetti N406FD. The pricing is as follows:
Standard Overhaul: $ 1,100.00 - Per Propeller
New style hub replacement: $ 1,470.00 each (special pricing)
Note 1: To qualify for special pricing, the propeller must be overhauled.
Note 2: To fit the new style hub,minor modifications to the spinner bulkhead is required.(intructions will be supplied)

Banyan Air Service appreciates your offer to advertise our company on your website. If you need any further information about our company, please feel free to contact us at (954)491-3172 ext.240.,
email at ljuengel@banyanair.com. See our web site at WWW.BANYANAIR.COM Sincerely,

Robert Tuttle Banyan Propeller Service

AD 2001-23-08 Hartzell propeller Inc. supersedes prority letter AD 90-02-23.

The following propeller is used on the SF260D. HC-C2YK-1BF/F8477-8R In the past only serial numbers CH19835 to CH26050 were affected. Now all these props are included in the AD regardless of the serial number. This AD was issued on November 7, 2001 and becomes effective on December 24, 2001. This AD does not apply to the props with serial numbers followed with a B.

So long as your hub does not have a A at the end of the serial number you can have eddie current tests. If you swapped the hub for an A series hub then you have to retire the prop after 1,000 hours or 72 months, which ever comes first.

You must have Adobe Acrobat reader active to read the new Prop SB which applies to all SF260's with a Hartzell prop. This SB has been replaced with AD-01-23-08 Basically this means you can have the hub replaced for $3,000. However, if you have an early model hub you can simply have eddie current testing which will cost about $65.00.Click here to read the service bulletin.

Here is the AD in jpeg format and it is 337kb so it will take a minute or two to load. I should probably type up the AD but that will take an hour and I have no interest in spending an hour doing something that no one will even tell me they read.

The early hubs have no letter after the hub serial number. The later hubs have an A at the end of the serial number. If you have an A hub Hartzell will exchange the hub for free and give you a B hub. If you have a serial number with no letter after it you can get the hub for half price which is around $1,500. I just talked to Propeller Man in Kisseme, FL. He will do the overhaul and install the new B hub for $3,000. He says it will take 3 days but needs some lead time so he can have shop time available. e.mail him at propellermaninc@juno.com His name is White.

Here is the AD in paraphrased format. It is not exact and cannot be used as a substitute for the original AD.

Issued November 7, 2001 Becomes effective December 24, 2001

Applicability: This AD is applicable to Hartzell Inc propeller models ( )HC-( )2Y( )-( ) which are used on the SF260 Siai Marchettis. This applies to all models, A,B,C,D,E,F and includes experimental exhibition aircraft also. However, if your plane was not certified for aerobatics on the airworthiness certificate you my be able to avoid the AD.

This AD does not apply to Hartzell Propeller Inc ( )HC-( )2Y( )-( ) propeller models with the suffix letter B at the end of the hub serial number.

In an effort to correct this problem Hartzell introduced the ( )HC-( )2Y( )-( ) hub with an A suffix at the end of the hub serial number. These hubs are being recalled and may not be used on aerobatic aircraft beyond 1,000 hours Time In Service. Furthermore, you may not remove the prop from an aerobatic plane and install it on a non aerobatic aircraft. There are 10,000 hubs in service and 3 have been found to have cracks.

To prevent failure of the propeller hub resulting from cracking, that can cause blade separation and subsequent loss of aircraft control, accomplish the following:

Eddy Current Inspection

(a) Perform initial and repetitive eddy current inspections (ECI) of the propeller hub fillet radius for cracks. The initial ECI is for propellers with no suffix letter at the end of the serial number.

(ii) If no cracks are found, then permanently mark the end of the hub serial number with the suffix letter E in accordance with Hartzell Propeller Inc. SB No. HC-SB-610-227, Revision 2, dated May 8, 2000.

(2) Thereafter, perform the repetitive ECI at intervals not to exceed 150 hours TIS since the last ECI. Prior to further flight, remove from service cracked propeller hubs and replace with a serviceable part.

Terminating Action

(e) Replacement of an affected propeller hub with a Hartzell propeller hub model with the serial number suffix letter B constitutes terminating action for the initial and repetitive inspection requirements of paragraph (a) of this AD. The hub replacement must be performed in accordance with Hartzell Propeller Inc. SB No. HC-SB-61-227, Revision 2, dated may 8, 2000.

Here is a picture of the hubs and their replacements. Since there were 79,000 A and previous hubs with only 87 cracks this represents one crack in each 940 hubs. The chances of finding a crack in your hub are less than hitting the Florida powerball. Good luck. Since there are still very few B hubs out there it will take some time before cracks start showing up in them. When they do there will be another AD for the B hubs.

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