December, 1991 Here is our new house on Westmoreland, Sarasota, FL. It is one block from the water. It was built in 1926 and has a rather colorful history.

Until 1986 it was owned by a woman who had about 25 cats. She was affectionatelly called the cat lady. The yard was so overgrown that the drive way was almost a tunnel that she drove into and would then enter the house through a small clearing.

Here is the place on November 16, 2009. When the previous owner moved out she dug up most of the plants and trees and took them with her. The bamboo root structure was too hard to dig up so she left it.

The vacant lot has been sold off and the present owner is not interested in selling it. I have put up a bamboo lattice work on the property line and plan to cover it with wisteria. Notice the two story house on the south side of the house.

Our first guests in the new house. What an ordeal we have suffered through just because we could not leave the handy man with a list of colors to use for each room. But he has done a beautiful job.

You can see the place on if you put in
7519 Westmoreland Drive, Sarasota, FL 34243
More pictures of the house