What others say about the SF260TP:

This letter is from Hendrick Van Derveen our web historian.
hello Dudley, splendid photo of this SF.260TP. Looks to me if it is of the United Arab Emirates Air Force, belonging to the sheik state of Dubai. Only its serial number 316 is new to me, love to learn more about this airplane and the others. Please pass the word down the line, I would like to receive photo copies of the airplanes documentation, to update the history file. interesting cockpit layout, in front of the right-hand stick is a strange panel with about five switches, any ideas ? Also the three guarded switches to the most right are strange. It still has the fuel selector handle on the middle console, indicating an early turboprop. I believe later models had the automatic fuel system as the new F.260E/F models.

Sure keep track on FAA and other web sites for change of N26FD ownership, as for the turning up of this SF.260TP's on the US Register.