83-06-05 R1 SIAI-MARCHETTI: Amendment 39-4591 as amended by Amendment 39-4830. Applies to Models F260, F260B, and F260C (including SF260), (Serial Numbers up to 774 inclusive) airplanes certificated in any category.

Compliance: Required as indicated, unless already accomplished. To preclude failure of the nose-gear barrel joint weld, accomplish the following:
(a) Within the next 100 hours time-in-service on those barrels having 400 or more hours time-in-service on the effective date of this AD or prior to the accumulation of 500 hours time-in-service on those barrels having less than 400 hours time-in-service on the effective date of this AD and thereafter at intervals not exceeding 100 hours time-in-service accomplish the following:
(1) Using a dye-penetrant method, inspect the nose-gear barrel joint weld at the attachment plate for cracks. Perform the inspection in accordance with the "Instructions" section of SIAI-Marchetti SB No. 260B34A, dated October 1, 1983, or an FAA approved equivalent.
(i) If a crack is found, prior to further flight replace the nose-gear barrel in accordance with the applicable paragraph of SB No. 260B34A.
(b) Operators who have not kept records of hours time-in-service for the nose-gear barrel must substitute airplane hours time-in-service.
(c) Replacement of the barrels in accordance with Table "A" of the SIAI-Marchetti SB No. 260B34A eliminates the requirement for the periodic inspections in paragraph (a).
(d) The intervals between the repetitive inspections required by this AD may be adjusted up to 10 percent of the specified interval to allow accomplishing these inspections concurrent with other scheduled maintenance of the airplane.
(e) Airplanes may be flown in accordance with FAR 21.197 to a location where this AD can be accomplished.
(f) An equivalent method of compliance with this AD may be used if approved by the Manager, Aircraft Certification Staff, AEU-100, Europe, Africa and Middle East Office, FAA, c/o American Embassy, 1000 Brussels, Belgium. Amendment 39-4591 became effective March 31, 1983. This Amendment 39-4830 becomes effective March 26, 1984.