Vaughn Armstrong worked at the Swift Museum in Athens, TN when I met him. He worked there until 2004 and then moved to another airport nearby. He had been very involved with SF260s during the 1980s. Frank Strickler felt that he had no right to import SF260s and told him so on many occasions.

Vaughn Armstrong modified the nose bowl on the SF260. The molds he made for the new nose bowl, he told me, were with someone in St. Augustine, FL, but I was never able to get them. Vaughn got an STC field approval for the changes. Note that he has eliminated the drag of the air scoop and has removed the landing light. The air intake is now in the removed landing light position. This eliminates the air filter which had been the cause of several in-flight engine failures.

He has also split the nose bowl through the center line. Vaughn imported 6 SF260s during his careere in the SF260s. He quit when they got so expensive. Asked if Frank Strickler was any help to him he responded--"NO".