Starting on the NE end of the island we worked our way to the western shore. Our tour guide, Ronald Westman, who lives across the canal from the island said that some time ago the island caught on fire and the flames lit up the sky. "There was nothing to do but let it burn itself out."

Another neighbor told me the fire was several months ago and that it was a controlled burn. He thought it was supposed to eliminate some of the piles of wood.

This line of trash looks like it was washed up during a storm surge.

Here is a closer look at the trash line.

There are several large piles of limbs and logs on the island. They should not be burned since it would release an inordinate amount of carbon into the atmosphere.






Tristen examines a charred stump from an illegal campfire.

A drain pan that probably washed up onto the island. Much of the trash on the island is along what looks like a high water line, not a discard from people who explore the island.

The sign on the western side of the island stands guard protecting this pristine, well almost, sanctuary.

Before and after trash cleanup.