The island land mass has increased to 5.3 Acres *
A raccoon probably tore this hole in the commercial strength trash bag that had been stored on the island until we could arrange for its removal.

There have been 4 volunteer clean up trips to Bowlees Island since 2-25-12 and the last trip returned only one old tire which the garbage people refused to pick up. It is now on the street in front of my house. Both signs remain in place in spite of the front that passed through on Sunday with strong winds and only a little rain.

Google Map view of Bowlees Creek Island.

A tour of the island on Saturday, 2-25-2012

Bowlees Creek Island, or simply Bowlees Island is a 3 acre island that was formed from the spoils of dredging years ago. It was overgrown with invasive plants and trees. Five years ago a contractor was paid to go onto the island and remove the Australian Pines. Heavy equipment was barged to the island from Hick's Marina and work went on for several weeks. Presently a local contractor is employed to spray the invasive weeds. There are several large piles of logs and branches which are slowly degrading. Since raccoons inhabit the island it is not possible for birds to nest so the public is invited to use the island. The island has been leased by the Audubon Society since 1996. The society writes a yearly report for the state which actually owned the island. This island is a major tourist attraction and a real asset for the area. Fishermen can walk or wade h to the island, depending on the tide, from Whitfield road. Where Whitfield road meets the bay the road is very wide and offers many parking places. Access is also possible from North Isle Drive but the road is narrow and there is limited parking. Also, the wade to the island is across a four foot deep channel.

The western side of the island.

This was the most challenging sign to put in. The approach to this beach is very shallow, even at high tide.

The northern side of the island next to the inlet to Sara Bay Marina.

Here the water is deeper almost to the shore but it varies along this coast. I once saw a sailboat anchor here for two weeks. I do not know if he ever went onto the island.

This is the north east edge of the island. Here is where most of the locals land on the island. I have never seen anyone who landed here spend more that an hour on the island.

* Ron Westman has a new Garmin GPS, a 78SC that can calculate land area. on March 17, 2012 I circled the island as close to land as I could in 4" of water. The calculator showed 5.3 acres. When the tide is as -0.6 feet the land mass would be even greater.