Unison Industries announced today that the Belgian Air Force has ordered thirty-seven LASAR® (Limited Authority Spark Advance Regulator) Digital Engine Control Systems for their entire fleet of SIAI Marchetti SF260 trainer aircraft. After performing rigorous in-flight tests on the LASAR system for four months, the Belgian Air Force selected LASAR for their fleet of thirty-two SIAI Marchetti SF260M and SF260D aircraft, and will install the LASAR systems beginning in April 2002. LASAR is manufactured at Unison's facility in Rockford, Illinois.

The Belgian Air Force selected LASAR because the system provides significantly improved engine starting during cold and hot weather operation. The Belgian Air Force also chose LASAR to achieve lower fuel consumption during aircraft cruise operation and improved engine performance at higher altitudes.

"We look forward to equipping the Belgian Air Force with LASAR systems for their entire fleet of Marchetti SF260 military trainer aircraft," said Otto Oppliger, Unison's Vice President of International Sales. "The Belgian Air Force has relied on the SIAI Marchetti, now manufactured by Aermacchi, to train their pilots for more than thirty-two years, and now LASAR can provide these trainer aircraft with increased fuel efficiency and enhanced engine performance. Unison is setting the new standard for functionality and reliability in affordable digital engine control systems, and this commitment from the Belgian Air Force demonstrates that LASAR can perform under the extreme operating conditions of military training applications."

The Belgian Air Force first ordered SF260M aircraft in 1969 to replace the Stampe SV-4 biplane as the primary military trainer. In 1992, the Belgian Air Force ordered nine SF260D aircraft. Lycoming O-540-E4A5 and IO-540-D4A5 260 HP piston engines power the Belgian Air Force's fleet of Italian-built Marchettis. The Belgian Air Force's fleet of Marchettis is based at the Beauvechain airbase, southeast of Brussels.

Unison recently announced that it received FAA-PMA status for its LASAR system for Lycoming O-540 and IO-540 series engines with 25° base ignition timing. LASAR was first made available for installation on most Lycoming -320 series engines and associated airframes in 1996. Certification of the LASAR system for installation on Lycoming -360 series engines followed in 1997. In 2000, Unison's LASAR system received FAA-PMA status for installation on Lycoming IO-540 series engines with 20° base ignition timing.

LASAR is the first and only FAA-PMA Approved microprocessor-based electronic engine control system for general aviation piston engine aircraft. LASAR improves engine starting, rate of climb, and engine idle performance. LASAR also reduces fuel consumption in cruise conditions by up to 12 percent. Unlike traditional full authority digital engine controls (FADECs), LASAR provides redundant magneto-based ignition as a backup in the event of an aircraft electrical power interruption or any electronic component failure within the electronic ignition system.

Unison is a world leader in the design and manufacture of electrical components, sensors, and systems for aircraft, industrial, marine and space uses. Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, Unison operates manufacturing facilities and logistics centers worldwide. LASAR® is a registered trademark of Unison Industries.Additional information about Unison is available at www.unisonindustries.com.

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