Kent Pietsch and I are almost certain that this Interstate Cadet is the one flown by Cornelia Fort on a Sunday morning in Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941. For her account see "Dawn's Early Light".
The L-6 is not what Cornelia was flying.
Hi dudley , you are correct. The L-6 is a military version of the Interstate with bigger engine. The Interstate Cadet S1A is what Cornelia was in at John Rodgers Airfield. There are many different versions of the S1A Cadet (S1A, S1A-65F,S1A-85F, S1A-90F) The F stands for a franklin engine. The 65,85,and 90 stands for the horsepower. The Interstate Cadet S1A that Cornelia was flying had a Continental A-65-8 The S1A has a smaller tail than the S1A-65F, S1A-85F,S1A-90F. (see the attached for different pictures). Thanks Kent