One day I flew to the Tennessee Air Museum and after dinner the weather was crystal clear. However, instead of flying home I elected to spend the night. The next morning the weather was crystal clear but as I approached Winchester there was a low cloud cover. I elected to land in South Pittsburg and get a ride home. When I got home, 20 miles away, the weather had cleared so I got a ride back to South Pittsburg and picked up the plane and flew back to Winchester. About 10" after landing two Army Helicopters landed because of low ceilings to the south. What a life these people had, flying a bird I would have given my life just to sit in and going south to do interesting things. The weather to the sough was still foggy so they waited around for a few hours and then flew on. I got permission to roll my plane into their parking area, this was way before 9-11 so security was not as outrageous as it is now. I thought of some interesting captions like, When we say land we mean right now. Or you were flying too close to us and are now under arrest.