Dock recovery October 3, 2011 tide 11.1 feet
No wind. 236 rope from #1 mooring to pin at Pripet.
Docks unhinged between #4 and #5. Lateral ropes on #4 were released.

All 1" pins were removed from the T hinges on the floats and floats were held together, end to end, with ropes around cleats. The winch was attached to the tractor forks. Battery tied in place. Winch control taped to tractor Dingy was attached to the rocks on the bank.

The holding blocks on the wood ramp at the up end of the aluminum ramp were removed. Scotty ran back and forth pulling the aluminum ramp onto the wood ramp. Scotty lifted the aluminum ramp up so that #1 cross beam was on the wood. We then jerked the ramp up to #2 cross piece. Scotty lifted the #2 cross piece onto the wood ramp. The ramp was untied from the float. We then jerked to #3 cross piece and scotty put a 2X6 piece of wood under the cross piece and forced it up onto the wood. The come along was attached and the ramp and the ramp was pulled up toward the steps. At this point we abandoned the ramps and I drove the tractor to Pripet.

Scotty detached the floats from the mooring chains and drove them to the rope from #1 mooring to the Pripet Pin.

1.5 hours before the 11 foot tide the first float was hooked up with the tow rope and the winch cable and the cable made taunt . The forks were then lifted. Later we learned that we should have secured the winch to the forks with an additional rope to keep the winch from being pulled off the forks if the forks were not tilted. Tilting the forks lets acid spill out of the battery.

After this experience I started tying the winch housing to the tractor cross arms.

Once the cable was tight the forks were lifted and then the float was winched up high enough to clear the bank. #1 float was then dragged to Spot 1. I had forgotten to disconnect the side floats and they were torn from the supports. The floats were eventually recovered. This recovery process was repeated for the remaining 6 floats. While scotty was retrieving floats 8 & 9 I took the winch to the garage and started recharging the battery. I then took the sockets to the beach and removed the lateral floats from #1 float and secured them to the deck of the float.

Returning with the winch I connected to the #8 float a 10X20 float, made by shed city, and was able to get it up onto the bank. While pulling with the blades parallel to the ground the winch slid off the forks. If the remote cord and been securely fastened to the forks it would have been ruined. The battery fell to the ground. A quick recovery was made and #9 float was pulled up. However, the battery died when the float was barely up on the bank. [Actually the battery was fine, the pull was to heavy for the winch and this was eventually solved by using a snatch block.] While the battery was being recharged I removed the winch from the forks and started moving the ramps to the yard. After two floats were secured Scotty took over and moved the remaining floats with incredible ease. We reinstalled the winch and brought #9 float up onto the bank. Again the battery died. While trying to back up with the float the tractor almost turned over. I straightened out the front wheels and Scotty got on the bucket, extended it and I was able to pull the float even further up. Cliff was called and told the floats were on the bank. The floats are safe even from a severe storm. Plans are underway to build two more light floats so we can manage them with the tractor. This proved too difficult and we are only using the Shed City floats for the distal end of the dock.

I got permission from Charlie Leighton to use this spot:
However, George Evans said this area was too exposed and the docks would be washed up onto the swamp, so I just had Cliff remove the docks.