The steps and fixed ramp have been completed. Note that there is no headboard over the top of the stairs. This was added later and Victoria decorated it with "Priscilla's Landing." The original supports had to be removed from the ramp so that it rested on rocks that were above high tide. The wood extension [not seen here] had floats under it so that it did not rest on the ocean floor.

The additional floats were placed as close to the ramp as possible but there was a large gap between the ramp from the stairs and a place that the first float could rest upon. Dick Cilly lent me a float to put between the wood ramp and the first float and I built two 8'X 16' long wooden ramps to bridge the gap.

The next year Brig Pemberton sold me his aluminum ramp to bridge the gap. I brought it over from Castine on the 10X20 foot float.

Here is a shot of the float with the aluminum ramp and the six 5X16 feet floats. It is 183 feet from the bottom of the stairs to the end of the dock. Tide here is 0 feet and there is only one foot of water at the end of the dock

This is the end of the dock. Notice how new the wood on the dock is. Over the past 10 years it has weathered greatly.

70% of the aluminum rivets on the ramp had to be replaced with stainless steel 1/4" bolts.

Here the tide is up to +8 feet.

Roger Lee is an early visitor.

the dock as it is today, July 2013