Ballooning over Sewanee


The Storage Shed

The loss of Algeria and its aftermath.

Admiral Nimitz's remarks on December 25th, 1941.

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SF260 owners association UNofficial home page
The UN-official SF260 web page started in 1995.

An SF260d in France.

A real hero of WWII. The story of Irena Irena

The ultimate aircraft and the ultimate pilot.

There are many delicate systems in the SF260 and very few mechanics will take the time to understand them all. I have tried to outline many of the problems, but until one of the systems grounds you it is usually too much trouble for the mechanics to deal with them. The most dangerous time to fly a SF260 is the first four hours following an annual.

  1. The October 1, 2011 Edwards fly in at Edwards Ariforce Base.
  2. The Islesboro Docks
  3. The SF260 description for air combat

  5. A flight of four SF260s. Scroll down for an enlarged view

  • The oldest flying Boeing aircraft.

  • Fuel Valve "O" ring causes engine failure in Atlanta. Here are pictures of the fuel valve and "O" ring.

  • SF260E

  • Deep Springs College

  • My tribute to Dr. Bill Vitale, one of the early experts on the SF260.

  • The Air Force Academy evaluation of the sf260 in 1993.

  • Fixes for problems with the SF260.

  • A Stuka Pilot's story.

  • Early Experiences with the SF260.
  • Cornelia Fort was flying on December 7, 1941 in Hawaii. Here is her story.

  • What you don't know can get you killed. The critical wing on the SF260.

  • A flight simulator that features the SF260.

  • The SF260 French Connection.

  • The SF260 Italian Connection.ISAB

  • SF260s for sale.

  • The SF260 in aircombat.

  • You Tube video of loops, rolls, and a Hammer head stall

  • Mike Patlin's Airplane. ---

  • The Italian Stalion 2003 article featuring Mike Patlin's SF260D.

  • The nose bowl modification.

  • The Irish ideas about the SF260

  • More individual SF260s.

  • N800RH, its history to 1999 and its location in 2008.

  • The Belgian Air Force has chosen the Slick Laser Mag system for all 38 of their SF260s.

  • Another SF260 web site.

  • The SF260 encounters two army helicopters.

  • N406FD with its new paint.

  • The Warbird Museum in Kissimmmee, FL-this is a must see site.

  • See the new instrument panel for the E and F

  • The new prop AD went into effect on December 24, 2001 and affects all SF260Ds.The fix can be as little as $65.00 every 150 hours.

  • The Tennessee Air Museum in Gatlinburg, TN

  • For Sale SF260s and others.

  • New SF260 photographs.

  • The Volare Magazine issue on the SF260, written in 1992.

  • N260PP. The article from Customs Planes January, 2001.

  • The SF260 in aircombat.

  • An AD for the SF260.

  • Bob Gandt was a member of the Redhawks.

  • Glacier Girl Flies again.

  • The Swift has a critical wing, much like the SF260. For some insight into the take off problems with low horse powered Swifts read this.
  • The Air Solidarity flight through Africa. An SF260 made this flight too but this story is from two women who were on the mission.


  • Private Pilot, October 1986 on flying the sf260.

  • Plane and Pilot Magazine article on the SF260. December 1989 on Air Combat.

  • Custom Planes and Pilots, December 1996.

  • N260PP. The article from Customs Planes January, 2001.

  • N750ME.

  • Over the Swiss Alps in a Pilatus PC3.

    Lost Planes

  • An SF260 Turbo Prop Accident

  • The site administrator in his new car.

  • the house

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